Drawing a Line

Paintbrushes dip into cloudy cups. Fishing lures dip into open water.

Artists draw lines. Fishermen throw out lines. 

It is a beautiful parallel, this correlation between painting and fishing. In both, there is something to be discovered, something hidden to become visible — and joyful anticipation for what that something might be. In both, there is also a chance to be taken, because despite all efforts to prepare — sketching before hitting the canvas or calculating tides before heading out to sea — the results are never fully known until you're in it.

I believe this is a great place to find oneself. In the midst of the unknown — where we can be caught in the net of God's grace as we leap. And in that shaky faith, yet full of hope, the first lines get drawn on blank canvases or submerged in deep waters. So it is with this Aquarium series — despite my art degree, despite my endless scheming and dreaming, despite my late nights in the studio — I am still wading here in the unknown of how my work will be received and how exactly it will help me grow as an artist and a human being.

But as any seasoned artist or fisherman will surely tell you, these kinds of chances are always worth the taking… so with paintbrush in hand, grace as my compass, the sea as my companion… I dive in.

~ AV  

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