NEW WORK — Releasing September 19th at 10am.

If you've followed along with me for awhile, you may have become familiar with the themes of expanse and wide-open space in my work. I can't pinpoint exactly what perpetually draws me back to this mindset — The space to breathe deeply? Freedom to roam and explore? The pursuit to become more open-hearted, open-minded, and embrace more with open arms? Whatever reason pulls me here has surfaced again in my body of work entitled RURAL. 

This collection, despite being works in smaller sizes, has brought me into painting at a slower pace. And for that, I am grateful. Life so often feels like a perpetual hustle without the time to reflect and to take notice of small things. I have longed for simpler life, so in a way, these works have become my little daydreams of just that — simple forms allowing me to pause rhythmically and intentionally, to appreciate and explore color interactions as I've brushed oil paint across each small canvas surface. Painting these has felt like traveling to the countryside where it is vast yet uncomplicated, peaceful yet vibrant.

Here's to the simple life. May we have more of it.