Happy New Year!

YAY 2016! It's a new year, a fresh start, and I'm joyfully anticipating the adventures these next three-hundred and sixty-five days will bring. After recharging over the holidays, I'm ready to tackle this year with creativity and exploration into new techniques and new mediums... and hopefully expand this studio into a more well-rounded brand by offering artful products beyond my original paintings! To start, I'll be releasing some new works of Shrimp Boats very soon. Our family home in Oriental, NC is not far from a marina full of shrimp boats that head out to sea with flowing nets and come back to harbor to rest easy. I love that these boats are both grungy and graceful — old, paint-peeling, rusty yet majestic and complex in lines... and fancifully named after beloved women (shout out to the "Shania Nicole" by Oriental Town Dock!).

Looking forward to what the year will bring, and more so, what I'll be able to bring to you! ~AV 

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